23.05.2017 New single feat Doc Brown out now!

We release our fourth studio album in September 2017 and as a little teaser, we’re dropping a summer single worldwide on June 9th via Haggis Records, a feel good bouncing hip-hop/funk jam featuring guest UK MC/rapper Doc Brown. Think back to the dawn of hip-hop in the early 1980s when the first rap singles featured the Sugarhill Records house band laying down heavy funk grooves for MCs like The Furious Five and Treacherous 3 and you get the flavour. No-nonsense party hip-hop/funk for b-boys, soul sisters and funk brothers! And keeping with that old school flavour, it will come with a limited edition 7″ vinyl pressing alongside the digital single and feature an instrumental version on the b-side.

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New single feat Doc Brown out now!

06.06.2017 SSW Soul Weekender




Pleased to be part of this great weekend of Funk, Soul, Jazz and more! For this show we are backing the wonderful Lucinda Slim who sang on our last 2 albums and is also on our new one due for release this September. The dates of the weekender are 9th, 10th & 11th June. We play on Friday the 9th. Get tickets here 

SSW Soul Weekender